The hybrid system of the Dyna installs a motor for the drive use and the generation in the engine through a clutch by a parallel method and can charge energy to regenerate energy at the time of the slowdown effectively.
The motor shows 49PS, torque of 34.0kgf, m at around 1,000 rounds alone and holds down the output of the engine because a motor assists at the time of the start and realizes the mileage-saving. Furthermore, I can work because the run only for motors is possible when battery capacity is enough without letting the engine noise sound around early mornings in the middle of the night.
It is the fifth-speed AMT to be equipped as a transmission for exclusive use of this hybrid system. Because it is mechanical automatic, there are few shifting shocks and raises mileage efficiency, but the operation only puts an accelerator and 2 pedals of brakes, shift lever in D range in the same way as torque converter-style automatic, and driving is possible.
ECO mode given priority to an idling stop function and the mileage, the PWR mode to use when there is much loading are equipped with, and it is one of the big characteristics of the Dyna that a running condition can create the efficient driving situation that I put together.