There is the Al Khan Street that only motor parts shop links the eaves when I go to visit the east Sharjah emirate of Dubai.
Cut used cars form a line in the workshop which was in the side road.
I take out an engine and a damper, a head lamp, a car stereo and am structure to display in the specialty store according to parts.
I often import only parts after the dismantling from Japan.
The supplier says in chorus with "all countries Middle Eastern in the export destination in Africa".
It is said that I drift to Iran receiving economic sanctions of U.S. Europe by nuclear development problem.
A certain supplier answered it curtly when I asked recent marketable goods saying "the demand is high because low imitation products of the quality made in China increased and were cheaper than used goods made in Japan".
The case that the crime group which counted on demand of Africa dismantles the car which I stole in the country in Japan and exports illegally is up. The Japanese side is concerned about such a problem, too.
An international intellect fortune property protection forum to make in a Japanese company and trade group is going to call for the control reinforcement of the imitation product in the Dubai Customs House in December and lays emphasis on measures.