An electric retractable door mirror is shipped with 10 speaker audio systems in a super custom in super custom limited.
Truck full model changeover. I am given the 1t product of the dyna Toyo ace and a model of Y100 where is common (as for the engine a 3L/3Y type) origin. In addition, these procedures share the cab with 2 other cars like a case of H80/90 origin, too (all common with 2 cars other than a front grill).
The 1RZ-E engine car of the wagon is abolished. I add an AT car to wagon DX. That the van commuter changes the wheel shape of the 2WD car and lines up; a 4WD car all car full-time. It is conformity in regulation short-term with all diesel cars in 1994.
Other than face-lift, it is shipped with a driver's seat, seat next to the driver air bag, ABS. The nine-passenger custom is abolished. Super custom G of the equipment such as automatic air-conditioners is set newly by a super custom. So that change part of van, and increase in quantity equals 1,250 kg at all cars's greatest load capacity; a gasoline-powered car in 1995 in regulation conformity (as for the emission control, as for the commuter, like). The van commuter changes the number of wheel shape of the 2WD car and hub bolts (5 hole to 6 holes). Van GL becomes the DX"GL" package not grade. A tachometer was shipped with in super GL, and option setting assumed an electric retractable door mirror it. In the same year, a truck becomes stopping producing it (AT car (3L type engine) produces it continuously).

About the japanese used cars, such as Hiace van, Hiace wagon and so on.