This is essentially weird, yet heart-warming story in an online auction.
  I don’t like Hiace, or even hate it. its name, Hiace sounds too confidential for a mere business van. So I never bid for Hiace, until that day. I did not intend to bid it, but for some reasons, my finger clicked bid button automatically, yet with confidence. At that time I realized what just happened, I criticised myself really bad. Hiace must not be on the list of my bid. I thought I need to cancel it if possible afterwards, but it was too late- so my only option left was buying that Hiace.
  On the day, the Hiace was carried by third-party, I could not face to the fact that I really bought Hiace. However, at the same time, I also felt I want to try some out on the road. I grab the front right door to get in, then I heard “Thank you” from the Hiace. This sounds stupid, but my ear certainly caught that voice. I started engine. It worked perfect as made in 1990s. Thanks to the Toyota factory line, engine was very stable and steering was desinged very well for my little hands.
  It’s not that I became to love Hiace, but it’s just that I cannot hate it anymore, and I think, my finger will click automatically again towards Hiace. I don’t like it particularly though.